Sunday, May 24, 2009

antiSLIP DIY Treatment 180ml for slippery floors

Problems with your SLIPPERY floors ? Now we have the perfect solution to treat your slippery floors to become non-slip. Treatment that you can even Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and it only takes 3 steps to make your floors non-slip.No drying time required and no messy reconstruction / reinstalling of new tiles.

antiSLIP DIY kit 180ml is perfect to treat up-to 20 square feet of your desired area. For example : toilet & bathroom, kitchen, staircase, car garage, swimming pool and etc. Instructions included. Free Shipping within East & West Malaysia.

RM69 per set (180ml x 2 bottles)

Note : For large area, we do provide expert antiSLIP treatment with application and labour. Please email to us for more details.

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Emilia said...

There are many people do not realize that floor can be very dangerous specially when it is wet and slippery, we should always use anti slip bathroom flooring.