Monday, April 20, 2009

World Smallest Touch Screen Smartphone - Neonode

Neonode from Sweden , The world smallest INFRA GLASS touch screen (zFORCE) smart phone, smaller than a credit card size.

Neonode, the inventor & patent holder for the world renowned Infra Glass touch screen, zFORCE. Neonode is specialised in zForce touch screen and had been selling the zForce technology to GPS, hi end touch screen notebook , digital frame , digital camera, interaction household solution , medical equipment etc.

Backing up by Balda Solution Germany.Balda AG & TPK Solution Taiwan is the touch screen manufacturer for iPHONE.


NEONODE来自欧洲瑞典。世界最小的Infra Glass触碰屏幕的智能手机, NEONODE比信用卡还要小.

Infra Glass触碰屏幕智能手机研发自德国的Balda Solution, 同时,Balda AG & TPK Solution(台湾)也是iPHONE 触碰屏幕(LCD)的总供应厂.

NEONODE提供(zFORCE),Infra Glass触碰屏幕专门设计为GPS,高级触碰屏幕手提电脑,数码相框,数码相机,家庭保安系统,医学配件等...同时也拥有世界专利版权.


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1. 100% Original
2. From EUROPE(Sweden)
3. The world smallest Touchscreen Smartphone(Window CE). Smaller than creadit card
4. Camera 2.0MP, support MP3/WMA, MMC 1GB included(support up to 32GB)
5. Many language included Chinese, Malay and Indonesia
6. LCD use zFORCE(Infra glass touch screen) technology
7. Phone and LCD 1 year warranty
8. Battery, charger, handsfree and data cable 6 months warranty
9. Colour : BLACK only
10. Introductory Price : RM668

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HOTLINE : 016-3698333 (Authorized Reseller)

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