Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wonder Pushup Bra for sale

Watch the Promo Video ......................

She's MINE wonder pushup bra create perfect body curve in 3 simple steps ......1) Pull
2) Support 3)Hold.

Who should use this wonder pushup bra ?
1) anyone who has incorrect back posture and would like to correct it.
2) anyone who is suffering from neck and shoulder ache
3) anyone who has humpback problems
4) growing up young girls & ladies
5) middle age women who has sagging breasts
6) small breasts will turn "eye-catchers"

Unique Effects
1) Unique design, effectively straighten the back
- the underwear adopts the double- effect should strap to form even tension on the shoulder and back, straighten the back immediately. At the same time, adopts a single piece of extra-soft alloy clinging to vertebrae to maintain the thoracic vertebrae developing breasts, make the development healthy, safe and effective
2) High quality materials, extra-elasticity, it can act as the breasts supporting pad
- the materials are imported from Spain, in which high quality lucra and elastic fiber are included. The hyper-elasticity and three dimensional breasts pads over U 90' angle can effectively recover the breasts to upright and chubby from disfiguration, expanding outside and downward sagging, and it can effectively enwrap the accessory mamma under the armpits, elevate and enlarge the breasts when straightening the chest
3) Particular fixing effect, plim the breasts and create a good shape
- Wonder Pushup Bra is like an outside fixer, helping to form the perfect upright shape of the breasts. Only if you wear it normally everday, the fat will not flow to armpits and arms even if you take off the Wonder Pushup Bra when you goto sleep at night. And the breast shape will be maintain and not transfigure.
4) Far infrared ray nanometer ingredients provide protection for the healthy breasts enlarging
- Wonder Pushup Bra is added with a great amount of far infared ray nanometer ingredients in the back part, which can promote the blood circulation and strengthen the tissue metabolism. There are eight magnets messaging and stimulating the Rurenxue, promoting the microcirulation in the thoracic parts, dredge the veins and arteries, truly making the breasts chubby when maintaining the health of body.

Size & Measurement
S - 32cm
M - 34cm
L - 36cm

Price : RM98.00
Delivery Service : Free delivery services within East & West Malaysia


elle said...

hi! i'm interested on the pushup bra that you sell
may i know how to contact you?

Annabelle said...
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MoMO said...

do u still have stock? email me at thanks.

sashastri said...

Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. Thank u.

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